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Young Disabled Champions


  1. The  Young Disabled Champions meet on a monthly basis in the evening.
  2. The young people who participate in the group are aged 12 to 22 years old.
  3. The purpose of the group is to ensure children and young people with a range of disabilities, have a voice in strategic decision making.
  4. The Young Disabled Champions also attend the main Voice is Power Parliament and develop strong links with the Children In  Care  Council.  They are currently busy planning the launch for Anti Bullying week.  The theme this year is disability.
  5. At Young  Disabled Champions meetings, we work in small groups and make sure our projects are fun.

Young Disabled Champions Update !!

During the last twelve months, the Young Disabled Champions have completed some fantastic pieces for work and projects including Launch of Anti Bullying Week ,  Behind the Badge,   Disabilities Seminars and   Walk of Hope.

The Young Disabled Champions also won an award for participating in the WM Police Regional Consultation.

YCD are currently working on:

DVD raising awareness of Disability and Mental Health from a young persons perspective - In August, young people from Young Disabled Champions and Youthspace will be working together to create a Disability Awareness DVD.  The DVD is for professionals and will be an ideal training resource.

During the Autumn, young people from YDC will be training WM Police (Sutton Coldfeild branch) on disability awareness from a young persons perspective.  This project was initiated by a young person who had a conversation with an Inspector during a conference.


Articles from the Group

Young Disabled Champions realise that RIGHTS makes SENSE
Young Disabled Champions part of the Voice is Power, Birmingham Children and Young People’s Parliament have been successful in receiving a £2000 grant from UK Youth Starbucks.  The young people prepared a very professional ‘pitch’ for a panel of professionals which was received well. The Young Disabled Champions were picked out of 200 applications to plan, design and create a Sensory Garden at Rights of the Child Centre.

The Young Disabled Champions are a group of young people who are ambassadors for children and young people with disabilities in Birmingham.  They ensure that young disabled children and young people have a voice in strategic decision making and processes across the city.

The Young Disabled Champions were thinking of other disabled children and young people when they came up with the idea to plan and design a sensory garden. The Young Disabled Champions want to give children and young people with disabilities who live in residential care the opportunity to enjoy a sensory and play experience at Rights of the Child, 150 Church Lane in Hands worth.

The Young Disabled Champions have worked in partnership with Parks Services to create a sensory garden that will give a variety of different sensory experiences.  The plan for the Rights and Sensory Garden includes an allotment, herb garden, wishing well, hop scotch and giant games, wild flower meadow, bird tables, yellow brick road and under cover seating area.  Every child and young person with a disability will have the opportunity to write their ‘hopes and dreams for the future’ on a stone which will be place in the garden. The idea is as well as create a sensory experience is to create an environment where young people can socialise as well.

The sensory garden works commenced in October during the week of Take Over Day and have progressed well with the herb garden, allotments already prepared and the benches, Yellow Brick road and hop scotch already finished.
The grand opening will be during the Summer 2012 – we hope to have a very successful launch with plenty of awareness raised for the garden.
Any more information please contact – gayle plant – 0121 675 7549 – gayle.plant@birmingham.gov.uk.
By  Adam

Article 2(Vulnerable Children's Scrutiny Committee )

I was very honoured to be asked to represent the Young Disabled Champions at the Vulnerable Children's Scrutiny Committee. The day went well with me outlining the important work us Young Disabled Champions do in the city to represent the Young Disabled people of Birmingham.

I highlighted important projects we'd been involved in from the successful bid from Starbucks UK Youth to plan and design a sensory garden, launch of anti-bullying week, to our involvement in the deaf awareness guidelines which have won a chamberlain award for best practise in the Equalities and Communications

By Adam

Meet the Young Disabled Champions

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Sensory Garden

Sensory Garden Opening @ G2K12 - 25th July 2012

VIP - Sensory Garden

VIP - sensory Garden 2

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