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UKYP - Birmingham

UKYP is the National  Youth Parliament For the United Kingdom.

Each Local Authoruity in the UK have elected members based on the size of their area.

Members of the United Kingdom Youth Parliament (MYP's)  represent their area regionally and nationally.

Birmingham has 5 MYP's and 5 Deputy MYP's who have been elected to serve their city on the issuse that effect Young People.

UKYP 2012  Election Results
A fantasic turn out, over 11,000 votes were cast in this years UKYP elections, using both live ballot boxes and the online vote at www.bgfl.org/vote2012!

Congratulations to your new UKYP Birmingham Elected Members:


Well Done !!


To find out more about UKYP click here

UKYP @ House of Commons 2010

Watch the UKYP debate at the House of Commons - November 2011. CLICK HERE!

UKYP NAtional Campaign

UKYP National Campaign – Transport:  Cheaper. Better, Accessible
UKYP believes there needs to be cheaper, subsidised public transport for young people who are in full time education or under the age of eighteen. These young people should not pay more than half of the adult fare for buses. We believe a national code of practice for public transport should be introduced to ensure consistency in the cleanliness, frequency, reliability, and treatment of young people, across the UK. We believe that that the local authorities and the UK government should look into providing community transport for rural areas that currently have little or no public transport services. We also believe that public transport providers need to ensure that young people with disabilities can access their services.




A very big update after the House of Commons (HoC) event in November 2011… drum roll please…

HoC BIG update: British Youth Council (BYC) have received copies of 4 letters from Government Departments to Mr Speaker in response to the House of Commons debate in 2011. When BYC have all the responses they will share them with:
1.    Sec of State Michael Gove  MP from Dept for Education on bullying, which quotes various contributions from the debate and concludes that it made a positive contribution to Government thinking.
2.    Nick Hurd recently launched a new Government grant initiative to the Beatbullying charity. Great news!
3.    BYC  also have a letter from Minister Vince Cable MP at Dept Business, Innovation and Skills, on Tuition Fees
4.    Carolyn Spelman MP Minster at DEFRA on Greener Future
5.    Ian Duncan Smith MP at Department of Work and Pensions on poverty

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UKYP Birmingham Messages

Will - Edgbaston and Northfield

Since my election into the UKYP, I have been working on a range of different things to represent young people across Birmingham, and promote the interests of young people. Firstly, I was quite involved with the Birmingham Mayoral Debate and visited a debate hosted by the Yes to Birmingham Mayor Campaign at the Town Hall. Also, I’ve been chatting to various representatives such as Richard Burden MP and follow them all on Twitter to keep up to date with all things political going on locally. I have appeared on a few local radio shows talking about the Youth Parliament, what we do and what we hope to achieve for young people. On top of that, I also joined my colleague Humzah DMYP for an hour’s programme on Noor TV. Finally, my most recent work includes working on a questionnaire about educational pressure with my colleague Saira  MYP which we hope will help us to find out how we can make education in our city better for young people. In the coming months, I hope to be able to start distributing the finished versions of this questionnaire around the city, and also visit local youth centres and other such facilities and add them to the Youth Parliament’s list of growing contacts who we could possibly work with in future to continue to promote youth issues in our city.

Vikram –Ladywood and Perry Barr

Write letters to all the Councillors that represent the Handsworth Wood Ward, Soho Ward & Ladywood Ward. To notify Shabana Mahmood MP (Birmingham Ladywood Constituency) that I have been elected into the UKYP and represent the youth of Ladywood & Perry Barr.

To notify all local youth clubs, groups and forums within our constituency that myself and Catherine have been elected and to cooperate with us in the future.

Alice – Selly Oak and Hall Green

I have decided to go with Pressure in Education as the campaign I would like to work on this year so I'll be talking to my school and my colleague Aishia about our newsletter. I will then create an informal newsletter to go on the website to raise awareness about UKYP. Once checked, edited and finished we will upload and work out other ways to raise awareness.

Grace and Jawaad - Erdington and Sutton Coldfied

Jawaad and I have decided to do ours together because we work as a team and both have the same aims.  Here's what we've Got; We are trying to look at what is missing in our areas which can change the area, we are trying to get feedback from the local organisations and see what we can do with the help of MP Jack Droomey. We are trying to figure out what can be done to decrease violence in the community and education pressure. Building a relationship with the youths and Police is a good idea and the plan is to have an open day in our areas with the Police and local residents and see if that is useful.

Saira - Edgbaston and Northfield

"I am currently devising a survey on aspects of education pressure with my colleague, Will Gregory. Once this survey is completed I very much look forward to the results so I can identify where young peoples' issues really lie with the education system. Only then can we take the necessary steps to form a detailed campaign plan in terms of creating goals, notifying relevant ministers etc based on what the young people have said through these surveys."


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