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Our Aims

Voice is Power - Birmingham Children and Young People's Parliament

VIP is the formal citywide forum for children and young people in Birmingham

It is for anybody who lives in Birmingham and is under 19 years old.

VIP aims to stand up for all Children and Young People, and to link views together.

There are lots of ways for you to share your views and get involved.

We are supported by key decision makers, so your  views can influence decisions and changes.

The campaigns for 2012 - 2014 are:

  Education Pressure
Violence In The Community

Voice is Power is co-ordinated through Birmingham City Council's Rights and Participation Service

What's Happening

 As  well as Co-ordinating  Voice Is Power, UKYP, CiCC and Young Disabled Champions  

The Rights and Participation Service is working to promote the voice of  Children and Young People in Birmingham. Projects include:

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 Details Of Exciting New Projects.

Including, Gallery 37, G2k12 and Youth Expose

Young Inspectors

Representatives on Education Scrutiny Committee

Crime Factor-

Domestic Violence 20 Year Plan

Links with The Children and Young Peoples Board


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